Sunday, December 11, 2011

YouTube Re-Design Video Manager

Management makes the videos more simple and less interference

The YouTube yesterday the introduction of some amendments to the management program video or what is known as Video Manager, which is the update that coincides with the location for the design of an entirely different earlier this month.

As is the case with the new design for the YouTube Home Page, become a management tool video clips more simple and less interference. It also became a support and a smoother user interface appropriate to the Google system, which facilitates the process of browsing and navigation.

He has published the Working Group on Active blog by a group of major changes witnessed by the Video manager; notably:

- Icons to indicate the specific situation to identify and order status updates published.

- Badges to identify quickly sections of high quality and business protected by copyright.

- An easier way to raise the video clips directly from the sidebar.

The new design tends to make the management of video clips on YouTube is less chaotic than ever before. As they make clear the company's goal to create a design language is consistent with all the features of Google.

News of the launch of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 in February 2012

The first device to the tablet screen Retina Display

Sources close to Samsung for BGR exclusively to the giant Korean attend strongly to defeat Apple in the hardware market tablet through the introduction of the first Tablet screen Retina Display, has Ergeht sources that the new agency will carry the name of the Galaxy Tab 11.6 and will be launched within the exhibition Mobile World Congress in the month of February.

The site showed BGR, according to sources, that the alleged will enjoy the screen Retina Display size 11.6-inch provides the clarity of a stunning degree of 1600 × 2560 pixels and the aspect ratio 10:16, as it is expected that the device is first powered devices processor Exynos 5250 dual speed 2GHz, a processor that recently unveiled by Samsung, in addition to the benefit of the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the Android system.

The sources close to not reveal the details of the capabilities of communication or the capacity of internal storage, but it is likely that they will not under any circumstances for properties that have been presented in the Galaxy Tab 10.1, has rejected Samsung's official comment on the speculation, to give more of the mystery and excitement on the recent news.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Most Facebook Users are Wary of The Messages Tab "Hidden"

  • Contribute to hide a lot of messages collective.

Across many Facebook users expressed dissatisfaction with the sub-tab Other tab General Messages Messages and which contributes indirectly to hide a lot of messages which cause the collective anger and dissatisfaction with users of Facebook on a large scale.

The Facebook site has provided property Other tab General Messages for several months but did not attract the attention of a wide range of users only recently, but that many users did not notice its presence until now, and aims Facebook this tab sub to collect the messages that it deems less important for the user , and often messages are private occasions or persons have no direct relationship to the user, but in some cases may cause problems for the user, most notably what happened to correspondence site Slate, which reached her a letter from a man who does not know knows that he has found the apparatus laptop missing, but the Facebook class the message within the Other tab to another a lot of organ retrieval.

Mashable was the site of the technical specialist has recently decided to work a poll for visitors and those who follow news on Twitter about the property Other, and in spite of the poll still exists so far, the majority of users expressed their discontent with the full on the property.

HP decided to maintain the WebOS Open Source Project

Attempt to occupy third place after Android and iOS

HP's finally reached a final decision on the future of the system, WebOS, which decided to maintain the system, but an open source product, saying it will continue to support the development and operations of the operating system your portable devices.

Explained HP's said it would contribute substantially to the support system WebOS through the window ENYO-operational framework for a system of WebOS-a move that experts expect to contribute to attracting more manufacturers of smart phones that are looking for diversification away from the system Android, which now prefers to wait and see what be provided by companies to develop mobile operating systems in the coming period, and WebOS will support the system in this conflict is the strong sales achieved by the HP TouchPad device, especially after it slashed the price to 99 U.S. dollars.

Experts believe that the direction of HP to transfer the system to run an open source platform may contribute to the superiority of the system of Windows Phone as the third most portable operating system after each of the Android and iOS, given the substantial support from the community will get open source developers around the world.

Study: 29% of The Users of The IPhone 4S is not Satisfied with The Phone

Eight weeks passed since the launch of the device    


Crimson Hexagon company has specialized in data analysis and follow-up and monitoring of social networking news, analysis of nearly 2 million entries relating to smart phone Apple iPhone 4 as on Twitter, in order to identify the users of the device after purchase.
The report, published by the company, that 37% of posts were generally positive, and 29% came from the Entries negative while the percentage of neutral Entries to 34%. Perhaps the reason for concern, is that the proportion of negative reactions is increasing.
Siri was dominated by service on the talks dramatically, and was narrowly Entries for Siri is the most negative rate of 12%, while the positive Entries received for Siri to 11%. The neutral Entries for Siri, was the service assistant sound or what is known in the audio control device, and that this feature does not deal with the users of those dialects well, where there is difficulty in understanding, in many cases.
Perhaps the most concern to Apple, is that the problems of the battery is not over yet, despite the fact that Apple had claimed that the problem was resolved by updating the operating system, Apple iOS 5. The report also noted that 11% of posts talked about draining the battery faster than expected.
It should be noted that the Company Crimson Hexagon was analyzed for posts for your iPhone 4S in the middle of last November, and was only 7% are for those who have bad impressions of the phone battery.

Google Activate a Feature on The Face Recognition on Google Plus

New update adds the social character of Gmail

Google announced today the activation of face recognition service automatically on Google's social network in place.

And allow the new feature launched by Google Name Find my face facial recognition and the reference to people in the pictures, the condition of this property.

And it seems that Google has learned a lesson from the harsh reactions obtained by Facebook users and the European Union, because of the facial recognition feature is on by default. Therefore, Google allows you to place control of this property through the acceptance or rejection of any marking or indication to the user in any form, users can also enable or disable the property.

It is scheduled to activate the feature and the launch of Find my face to the users during the next few days. In the same vein, Google has updated the service Gmail and add two features new give it the character of social networks, which would facilitate the process of adding people to the circuits for the network Google Plus through Gmail, as well as the possibility of exchanging files and links on the Google Plus without having to leave the mail.

In addition, messages can filter incoming mail based on Google Plus services, for example, the user can see the messages for the family or co-worker or any other group was allocated a circle.


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