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Samsung launches smartphone GALAXY S II

Based system, Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Announced yesterday that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in the field of mobile devices, announced the launch of the revolutionary smart phone GALAXY S II. And enjoy this upcoming smartphone speed and the ability to provide unrivaled performance on the go. The event is amazing, which is held in the Galleria Mall of the Emirates from June 22 to June 25, to give consumers the opportunity to interact with the product and get acquainted with the special experience offered by this smart phone.

In light of the tremendous success of the Samsung GALAXY S I, the phone GALAXY S II is a natural evolution and the stronger, which allows users to design their own smart. This and the new phone system, Android ™ 2.3 Gingerbread, which represents the latest version of the fastest growing operating system for mobile phones growing in the world.

On this occasion, said Ashraf Fawakherji, Director General of the Telecom Group at Samsung Gulf Electronics said: "The phone Galaxy S II new smart as a revolutionary reinforce Samsung's commitment to innovation and technical excellence. Through a combination of elegant design and superior performance and advanced applications, this new device provides exceptional experiences of intelligent and integrated to enrich people's lives. The aim of the launch of this phone superior to strengthen the top of the new Samsung smartphones within the sector. "

Superior performance
Includes Samsung Galaxy S II Intelligent dual-core processor applications and network HSPA + 21 for advanced wireless communication, which has the force and speed to deliver unrivaled performance on the go. The wizard provides viewed quickly to the Internet and the ability to do multiple tasks in an environment similar to a personal computer and the amazing quality of graphics and interface are compatible with the use of three-dimensional. The wizard also provides download speeds while on the move, while reducing feature BlueTooth ® 3.0 + HS from the time of data transmission significantly. The technology allows WiFi Direct to consumers direct access to the wireless computers and printers without the need for wireless access points.

The Samsung GALAXY S II has a camera, photography and video resolution 8 megapixels and the ability of the operation and restart the pattern of high-definition 1080p. However AllShare technology from Samsung, consumers can register the most beautiful moments and sharing over the Internet. To meet the requirements of the market, enjoy the phone GALAXY S II is also the ability to integrate the close-range communication technology Near Field Communication services to support emerging for payment by mobile phone and other services with mobile operators.

New level of viewing experience personal
Is equipped with Samsung GALAXY S II screen Super AMOLED Plus HD Samsung's new, which is more portable visual display at all. The screen Super AMOLED Plus the best in terms of color quality, contrast, brightness unit. Through technology RealStripe and increase the number of sub-pixels, the screen Super AMOLED Plus supplement mechanisms of action of the human eye to identify the images clearer and more detailed than ever before. In addition to this, the new screen with greater efficiency in energy consumption of their counterparts of the same size.

Samsung GALAXY S II while on the move
Samsung also introduced a range of mobile solutions for companies, and strengthened the capacity of Samsung GALAXY S-to-business. New Valhatf allows customers to have access to flexible and mobile communication at work. Samsung has collaborated with industry leaders to provide solutions best suited to companies through Samsung GALAXY S II, which pay particular attention to data and network security. These include solutions for enhanced services from Cisco to communicate and hold meetings remotely, and more comprehensive applications of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and device lock management technology distance from Sybase.

A new world of entertainment and intelligent interaction

Chose the Samsung phone GALAXY S II Kmenottagha main mobile services, which will launch pads from which Samsung Samsung Hubs, which is integrated in mobile applications and designed to meet the requirements of all aspects of life. These include social platforms on the podium and Social Hub Premium Readers Readers Hub platform and platform games Game Hub platform and music Music Hub. The Samsung platforms a wide variety of information, entertainment and social networking, games, and others.

Effective efficiency in device manager
Samsung has also launched the application Kies Air, which allows consumers to manage your content Bhattvhm smartphone via wireless connection to computers, to be able to download the images that were captured from the camera equipped with the device, and listen to music clips, check missed calls, and send messages from a web browser from through computers. The event also saw the launch of a new generation of tablet devices GALAXY 10.1 and 8.9, which is currently the most among the thinnest devices available in the tablet market. Thanks to the TouchWiz user interface running working "Android 3.1" (Honeycomb), GALAXY tablet devices with 10.1 and 8.9 navigation system is strong and perfect interaction with the user.

And supports tablet devices GALAXY Network HSPA + speeds of up to 21 Mbps and Bluetooth ® technology and wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n to provide download speeds of high mobility and reduce the time of data transfer. Furthermore, the devices include GALAXY tablet dual-core processor applications speeds of 1 GHz to provide an amazing experience for Internet browsing and multimedia.
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LG launches three-dimensional cinema screens new

LG Electronics announced recently the launch of two types of three-dimensional cinema screens (D41P and D42P) supported technology FPR Film Patterned Retarder new in the world that offer images brighter and more vibrant, and free of vibration for a comfortable viewing experience and distinct.

To provide a comfortable viewing experience and fun, had a LG TV Film Award on three-dimensional "free vibration" of the most important and two specialized agencies in this area are (Intertek and TÜV). Thus, this reduces the TV's unique image over the concussion, which is one of the other factors that affect the health of viewers as feeling dizzy and nausea after the completion of the viewing, allowing them now to see the longer and more pleasure.

Thanks to the FPR technique which provides comfortable viewing to the fullest as it provides three-dimensional image clarity and high brightness, which allows viewers to enjoy the exceptional Ptrfait home longer and more comfortably. Compared with conventional glasses, glasses are characterized by LG as a mild and free of wires and circuitry, as they do not contain batteries, there is no need to be shipped or bothering the cost of replacing defective batteries.

LG displays are three-dimensional film as a flexible and compatible with all graphic cards and operating systems, personal computers. It also supports HDMI 1.4 technology to link the plains and up the other three-dimensional equipment, which facilitates the process of three-dimensional view the content without the need for a PC. The property transfer content to the normal two-and three-dimensional, high-level quality that is available in this type of display highlight it and make it competitive at the top of the screens in the world.

A study conducted by TNS Research in five different international markets to 77 per cent of the category selected for the study of the screens have preferred three-dimensional technology, FPR, which provides views of high quality, comfort and endless glasses are light and comfortable. The study included a test for 230 people from customers to see different shots of the three-dimensions using conventional technology and technology Shutter Glass FPR modern three-dimensional.

Nokia plans to launch smart phone N9, operating system, Windows Phone within 6 months

Announced Stwiwen Ailub CEO of Nokia during the Nokia Telecommunications, which was held in Singapore that the company will begin in the launch of Windows machines von beginning of this year, and pointed out that the company adopts a new strategy for the new version of the Windows operating system iPhone and wait for the results.

The Ailub it will provide the devices with the new version of the operating system from next month, while users will be able devices with Symbian operating system to add the new operating system, starting from August / August next year. He added that the company plans to launch 10 new devices running Symbian over the next year, with plans to provide support and update the system until 2016.

For its part, said Mary McDowell, who heads the unity of basic phone for Nokia C2-03, which can work through three segments of SIM where the phone has a slider that works-touch, on a single chip inside the device and the slot on the side of the device enables you to add additional cards, as well as It is the first phone that brings the capacity planning and mapping of the Series, 40.

On the other hand, has announced its new Nokia N9, which is running MeeGo, Marko Ahtisaari, said Vice President of Nokia's design that the company wanted to through the N9 to design a better way to use mobile phones.

It is through the curved design of the screen the user can use and carry the device with one hand very easily. Users can also simply moving between the window and notices the start screen and the window for the applications currently open. The device can be running applications QT environment that is providing more than 100 million devices by.

For photography enthusiasts, N9 offers the possibility of capturing high-quality video through the camera at a resolution 8 mega pixel camera that can capture high quality images even in dim conditions added. The phone comes in three main colors are blue and black and purple.

The body of the phone is made of one piece of polycarbonate is the material which, according to the company provides the best antenna for mobile phones. In addition, the provider Valhatf NFC technology, which allows the possibility of Tsoaj and create a connection between the phone and the speakers and amplifiers that support the Bluetooth device by touching any of these accessories.

The Ailub that it is scheduled to be launched N9 smart phone later this year, but have yet to be announced price of the device and its details.

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ICANN opens the door for the registration of new domain names on the Internet

The Organization of "ICANN" name bands on the Internet for its new expansion drive in the names and number of bands used on the Internet, which is the biggest change to the Internet's addressing system since its inception in 1984.

Under the guidelines announced by the company yesterday, will allow the use of ranges reflect more about their products and in the language they want. Where it can be used within Apple. Ipad may use groups concerned with the preservation of the environment domain. Eco and other ranges.

Said Peter Degnat, Chairman of ICANN, this decision is the beginning of a new phase of the Internet, pointing out that the cost of fees and access to these ranges of up to $ 185,000 in addition to $ 25,000 annually as a subscription to maintain the range. He added that the expansion plan, which appears in a folder consisting of 350 pages for six years need to be developed.

ICANN will begin receiving applications for new ranges from January 2012 to be approved within a few months if not encountered any problems with the brand or ethical issues. Expansion plan and gives bands a great opportunity for companies to promote their brands as well as to strengthen the presence of all types of communities and groups specialized on the Internet.

The big companies have already started planning for the new ranges, with plans for the manufacture of Canon cameras to get a domain. Canon can also be for Apple to get bands like. Apple or. Ipad or so. Iphone.

Mentioned that it was supposed to ICANN broadbanding a long time ago, but this delay was due to some concerns of violations of certain trademarks, this expansion platform for obscene or groups to stir up hatred, which prompted the organization to take some action gives the right of any person or the object to the trademark or for other reasons.

It should be noted that there are nearly 300 names of the bands is now available, but the most commonly used and are only known of 22 Scope. Com and. Net

5 smart ways to get on the job through the use of social networking

Dan Schauble, author of Me 2.0 and founder of the agency Millennial Branding the means of social communication have facilitated the process of finding work and communicate with people who can help you find job opportunities, where still many job seekers use the methods of traditional research, which does not lead to satisfactory results. Schauble and transfer to the New York Post carried a report about a woman who made more than a thousand Todev request through 99 weeks. According to the author of the book, there is one out of every three job seekers almost remained unemployed for more than a year, where researchers give up work after five months.

Should not be to end up like those people. It is through your knowledge of yourself and what you different in the labor market and through the establishment of self-ranking on the Internet you can compete in the new labor market. Once you build your own website and set up personal pages on social networking sites, you are ready to take advantage of your relationships and your talents together to get the dream job is not just a job opportunity is enough to cover your expenses personal. The number of companies that hire through the means of social networking on the rise, the proportion of users of social networking to get jobs and 40% according to the work site free

The first way: take advantage of the planned network of relationships on the Social Graph social networking sites
Usually people get jobs through other people and not by computers. So you multiply opportunities to work in the case of personal relationships within the company you are applying to work there. But will not Ihalvk a lot of luck thrown to them if your resume only. Ten years ago it was to require you to exert much effort to ask friends who know and remember where you work all your friends. Now single click on a chart your social network Social Graph you can get all the required information very easily. This is for those who are looking for a job means to identify people working in companies that interest you. For companies, it means double the job interviews rather than make phone calls routine. The Internet is your laboratory research. Here are some sites that will help you in your search for job opportunities through planned relationships on social networking:

Site you can access to hiring managers through close relationships. Having created your own page on the site, you must download your e-mail full information to be no basis can be built upon. And then search for a company or position, and pressing the search results by identifying the site to see from across the network can introduce you to one of the immediate hiring managers. The site LinkedIn force us all to conduct further research about the employees and companies before interviews.

Think of this site such as the employment relationships on a chart on the social networking. This site reaches between the total database employment and the outline of network relationships on Facebook to show you any people in your network can connect you the opportunity to employ certain.
This site is very similar to the previous site but it is used to plan your social network Facebook. The primary difference between it and the previous site that you can access it via your personal page on Facebook also gives you a more professional identity. This site takes its importance from the capital investment of $ 18 million, and through the menus and functions to contain 3 million job listings and training totaling 200,000. You can, as in the case of LinkedIn recommendations Get recommendations on your page, and you can also get badges badges as in Foursquare.

The second method: Use technology augmented reality Augmented Reality applications and job search
People started using mobile applications to search and apply for job opportunities near them with a few touches on the phones the iPhone and Android. LinkUp site has announced that 20% of job seekers who use smartphones in their research. The technology actually enhanced erase the difference between what is realistic and what has created Kmpiotraa through the promotion of what is his vision or hearing or smell or touch it. To acquire from the iPhone download the application "Layar" and then press the button "Layars" and search for "JobAmp Mobile" and will then be able to see all companies close to its current location and where the vacant positions. Schauble and adds: In 2009 published a list of the best iPhone applications to search for jobs, and found a number of other good applications that may help in the search, including:

CareerBliss (Free): This application contains a review of the companies and information about salaries and the list of jobs has nearly three million job.
Good Job (at $ 4.99): The Atnzim Your search for jobs by keeping track of jobs from several locations, contacts, appointments and interviews, biographies and more.
Real-Time Jobs (Free): The page file to attach social networking and video clip to the publications of jobs for Twitter.
BusyBee (free) if you are working freely, you can find a job near you.

The third way: Build your own Nfozk on the Internet
In today's world you need to develop Nfozk Profile on the Internet, seems to be when the two candidates for a job are equal on paper, and they possess good communication skills, the difference in the extent of their influence on the Internet. The influence is measured on the Internet through a number of relationships that you own, and who are those people and how their influence and share your content of your website and how many. The site measuring the extent of influence over the Internet and growing popularity among business owners. If the total of your points on that site, that gives a high priority. Aware of companies that have the largest communication networks are more productive and can create new business and employ the talents and market their products better, who lacks a major network.

Fourth way: Use multi-media biography biography instead of paper
Study, told OfficeTeam that 36% of companies believe that the CVs of paper may be replaced by pages of personal social networking sites and business, where the number of people who are using innovative ways to promote themselves on the Internet Some people use the video pages and Facebook dedicated and codes says the owners "do Ptozifa "and presentations on SlideShare. These promotional tactics can be effective has been the person to receive media attention, which could lead to some offers of employment. These are some useful sites in this area: Upload your presentation on this site, and its promotion through your website or your networks.
QR codes: code involved rapid response (quick response (QR on your social network.
Viral videos: Create your own video clip and use YouTube to promote it. You can also create video biography video to highlight your personality and your skills to employers.
You can also build your own website your full name.

Method Five: Convert yourself into a product advertising
Another way to attract people's attention is turning yourself into a product advertising for companies and individuals who seek to work in their favor. There are four ways to do this via: Facebook social ads, and Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads ads as well as blogs.

For example, the Alec Brouanstin in 2010 to transfer the same boiling product advertising by targeting executives in the companies wanted to work with, and so got the hiring interviews, while the executives of those searches in Gogol. So you have to produce a product ad draws attention, and make sure that the links it to the main site or mail your page personal LinkedIn. It should also be advertising your product carefully and include your experience clearly.

Google news about the intention of launching a social network the name Photovine

Some reports have indicated that the search giant Google has registered a new brand called it Photovine as well as the purchase of the scope of

It was reported that this scale is monitored and protected by the Foundation Mark Monitor for the protection of trademarks used by Google in many of their ranges, including the domain itself.

And Google began preparing to enter again into the world of social networks, but this time it will launch a social network list is mainly to exchange and share photos, according to some sources on the Internet.

According to Google in a trademark registration that Photovine service is a telecommunications services of the type of social networks that will work on the transfer and exchange of visual images and data across networks, telecommunications networks, the Internet and information services and data networks. Google also noted that this service within the services and software is downloadable.

It should be noted that Google already owns a service Picasa Picasa photo-sharing, which is likely to Photovine new service will focus more on photo-sharing service for mobile phones with a similar service Instagram famous.

So far Google has not suspended or announce any details of its new service. If ratified these expectations, will serve Photovine Google in direct confrontation with the famous social networking site Facebook, who is currently working on developing its own application for the exchange and sharing photos.

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The new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6

Expected the online world as a whole will experience some of the global Internet sites to use the new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6, and in light of the entry into force of Internet addresses based on the current version of the Internet Protocol IPv4.

The Giants will be a number of websites in the world, including Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Bing activate the new version of Internet protocol IPv6 and in (the International Day for the new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6) and corresponding to June 8, 2011.

I would like to review with you some of the information highway that achieve the correct understanding of what will happen exactly.

What is the Internet Protocol IP?
Internet Protocol (IP) is the language that computers use to communicate with each other on the Internet, similar in mechanism of action to a large extent, phone numbers, and that makes us reach another phone.

What is the protocol that we use now?
IPv4 is the current version of the Internet Protocol. I have been using most of the titles based on the current version of the Internet Protocol IPv4.

What is the Internet Protocol IPv6?
IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol. According to Google, the new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6 is necessary to preserve the racial integrity and openness, who enjoys the Internet, through empowerment of all devices connected to a network that communicate with each other directly, and will provide IPv6 Internet growth potential.

International Day for the new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6:
Most web sites currently using the current version of the Internet Protocol IPv4, but in the June 8, 2011 (World Day of the new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6), will be big business on the web, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Ping, to enable the new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6 to their principal for 24 hours, in addition to the current version of the Internet Protocol IPv4, and thus should not be worried if we had to IPv6, Vstassir things are fine. Can visit the following website for more information about the International Day for the new version of the Internet Protocol

IPv6 and communication problems:
More than 99.9% of users do not have any problems in visiting the sites that enable Internet Protocol IPv6, except that in some rare cases, users have IPv6 as possible but it does not work correctly. This results in delays and connection problems when you visit Google and some of the sites participating in the International Day for the new version of the Internet Protocol IPv6 on June 8, 2011.

And produce communication problems related to IPv6 is usually an error in your gear settings to your home network or errors in operating systems or problems in corporate networks equipped with the Internet. In many cases, these problems can be solved by updating or replacing routers and operating systems by updating, or if the company has equipped with repair of the Internet. In any case, it is possible to address the problem by using the current internet protocol IPv4.

If you encounter any problems in visiting the sites that will enable the new version of the Internet Protocol on the eighth of June for 24 hours, do the following to resolve the problem:- The use of possible locations for the current version of the Internet Protocol IPv4 only, for example: If you want to visit the Google site you use the following address: instead of Update your internet browser.- Use the browser supports the use of the new version of the Internet Protocol such as Google Chrome.

You can test whether the new version of the Internet Protocol is working on their computers through the following link:
IPv6 Essentials                                     IPv6 Security                            Cisco-Linksys WRVS4400N Wireless-N Gigabit Security Router - VPN v2.0           

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Top 10 Phones to look forward to now

The world of mobile tends to go into a prolonged summer snooze after the endless announcements of Mobile World Congress and the rush to best those phones quickly in the following months. But that’s not to say there aren’t stacks of amazing new blowers set for release later this year. Here’s our Top 10 to look forward to now.
1 iPhone 4S/5
iPhone 5 placeholder
Apple’s new blower looks a dead cert for September, when the Cupertino company usually shows off its new iPod range. With the next-gen phone missing from WWDC, rumours are still rife about what we can expect. A four-inch screen? NFC tech? An eight megapixel camera? All are plausible.
As for the name, expect it to be dubbed the iPhone 4S as Apple looks to 2012 for a major revamp.
2 HTC Sensation
HTC Sensation
The Sensation has just hit shelves, after garnering some serious hype since launching a couple of months back. With a stunning 4.3-inch screen, lightning fast 1.2GHz processor and 1080p video skills, it looks as if it’s going to be the phone to beat in 2011.
The only issue is whether HTC can get future versions of Android to work on it.
3 HP Pre 3
HP Pre 3
The third iteration of the stunning, but low-selling Pre is almost here, pegged for release at the start of July. HP revealed the device back in February, with a similar design to its predecessors, but with improved internals. There’s a super-fast 1.4Ghz processor, five megapixel camera and the excellent webOS under the hood.
4 HP Veer
HP Veer
The smaller HP Veer is also about to debut on these shores after its initial US rollout last month. This tiny smartphone uses the same webOS as the Pre 3, but comes with a slightly slower version of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, 8GB of storage and measures just 54.5x84x15.1mm.
5 Google Nexus 3
Still only a rumour, but one which is likely to materialise in the last quarter of the year. Being Google’s own handset, it’ll come with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, a screen that’ll be capable of HD Ready video playback and even 1080p video recording. There’s no word on who will be making the device for Google though, although LG has been mooted.
6 Motorola Milestone 3
motorola milestone 3!
Apparently not coming to the UK, but the Milestone 3 has been officially revealed. It has a huge four-inch screen and a five-line QWERTY, so tapping out numbers is far easier than on older versions. There’s a dual-core processor and it comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread inside.
7 Motorola Pro
motorola pro
The UK version of the US’s Droid Pro is coming out next month. It has a full QWERTY keyboard aimed at business types, a five megapixel camera and 8GB of storage. However, it only comes with Android 2.2, meaning you’ll miss out on the very latest Google smartphone features.
8 BlackBerry Bold 9900
BlackBerry Bold 9900
Hitting Three in August, the Bold 9900 is BlackBerry’s latest attempt to claw back some of the ground it has lost in the professional space. With its trusty keyboard, 1.2GHZ processor and super-slim 10.5mm frame, it promises to be one for email fanatics everywhere.
9 Nokia Windows Phone W8
nokia windows phone 7 2
One of two Nokia Windows Phones expected later this year. Word is that it will mimic the Nokia N8 in terms of the hardware, with an aluminium finish and 12 megapixel camera. Windows Phone Mango will be on board this device, which will be do-or-die for Nokia.
10 Nokia Windows Phone W7
Mobile watcher Eldar Murtazin says this will be the first Nokia Windows Phone to be released. It takes its cues from the beautifully designed Nokia X7, with an 8 megapixel camera and Qualcomm chip.

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TOP 10 iPhone 5 Delay rumours put to the truth test

Just as night follows day, each June brings a new iPhone, right? Not always. And certainly not this time around. But just why did Apple delay the iPhone 5? tests the veracity of the rumours ahead of its re-scheduled appearance towards the year’s end or even early 2012.
1 It’s a Verizon thing
verizon logo
Following aeons of waiting, Apple phones finally became available on US carrier Verizon in January. After setting a first-day handset sales record for the network, it’s now expected to shift between nine to 13 million units in 2011.
It could be that Apple has opted to leave a longer gap between iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 to pacify irate Verizon customers who’ve just shelled out for an Apple smartie only to find that it’s outmoded a matter of months later.
For our part, we think that’s something that Verizon might’ve lobbied Apple to do. But after changing the previous industry paradigm where carriers held all the power, these days Apple pleases itself. What’s more, although 13 million sounds like a lot, it’s a drop in the ocean in Apple’s global customer base and so was unlikely to influence Jobs and co unduly.
2 Apple is holding fire for the Christmas market
BB Xmas branding
With iPad sales expected to hit 8 million for the next quarter alone, Apple is hardly desperate to get its killer product to market to buoy revenue. So it’s easily in a position to save its blockbuster product at the busiest retail period of the year.
However, we’re not sold on this being a factor in the delay. After all, it’s not as though landing in June in other years has harmed sales anyway in the build-up to Christmas.
3 The company is still smarting from antennagate
Antennagate iPhone 4
Problems with dropped calls didn’t hurt sales of iPhone 4. But the fact that the handset didn’t fulfil its primary function of making and taking calls properly did put a real dent in Apple’s hitherto spotless reputation with tech movers and shakers.
Conjecture abroad at the time was that Apple had rushed iPhone 4 to market and that this was the reason the death-grip hadn’t been ironed out. So it’s entirely plausible that this time around the notoriously perfectionist Jobs wants to avoid a repeat.
4 Component shortages have stymied the launch
Problems in component factories caused by the Japanese tsunami disaster have been cited as a factor in many delayed tech products this year. The effect this had on Apple will have been mitigated by the fact that its company policy is to pay for parts in advance.
But that doesn’t mean it will have been immune, as the extended five week wait time for iPad 2s ordered just after its release testifies. So for that reason, we think is almost certain to be a contributory factor.
5 Apple has taken a late decision to add 4G support
iphone 4g
The first 4G Android phone, the HTC Evo 4G, dropped back in March last year. And it’s since been followed by a host of Android kit with next-gen network support, such as the Evo Shift variant, the Samsung Epic 4G and the Motorola Atrix.
In the meantime, despite high hopes that the Verizon iPhone 4 would offer 4G support, in the end it was 3G only. That’s meant that for all Apple’s just-announced and admittedly very cool software additions, its new phone could end up looking a bit last-gen next to its biggest rival in the smartphone space.
So it’s not out of the question that Apple has postponed the iPhone 5 to get this feature on board. Adding credence to that theory is that this would give Apple the time it needs to get an LTE Qualcomm chip on board that uses less power and has been thoroughly tested.
Waiting until the chip is available will also mean that the Apple aesthetes won’t have to make the design compromises that first-gen LTE chipsets demanded, as alluded to when COO Tim Cook explained that 4G had been omitted from the Verizon edition of the iPhone 4.
6 They're clearing the way for twice-yearly updates
The way some journos have it, the delay has nothing to do with shortages or matters beyond Apple’s control but is evidence that the tech giant is very consciously changing its strategy.
By the experts’ rationale, from hereon in Apple will release two new handsets a year. The advantages of this being a) there’s less pressure to come up with a smartie that redefines handsets every 12 months b) It’d clear the way for Apple to offer handsets at a range of price points, thereby allowing it to compete with mid-range Android numbers more effectively.
There is some sense in the pricing theory, especially when you consider that right now Apple is effectively conceding the lower end of the market to Android. But we can’t help feeling that the fabled cheap iPhone Nano would represent a much better way of taking the fight to Google.
What’s more, stage management and PR is at the heart of what Apple does. A twice yearly unveiling of a new iPhone would make new iterations much less of an event and could actually damage their allure more than abandoning its ‘premium product at a premium price’ policy that’s so far made a cheaper iPhone a non-starter.
7 Steve Jobs’s health problems caused it
Steve Jobs
Within a matter of hours of Steve Jobs’ appearance at the WWDC, shares in Apple had dipped 1.5 per cent. Of course, a lot of that will be down to the fact that no iPhone 5 this quarter means reduced revenue in the short term. But the fact that Apple’s leading light looked a long way from recovery wouldn’t have helped either.
Some folk have posited that the delay is to allow Jobs time to get back in the saddle to oversee Apple’s largest product launch of the year. For what it’s worth, it’s not a theory we’re buying.
For one thing, acting CEO Steve Cook has done a grand job in this stead. And for another, Jobs’ appearance at WWDC suggests he’ll be well enough to helm the PR circus when iPhone 5 does land.
8 It wants to throw a spanner in rivals’ schedules
Android army
By releasing a new iPhone every June, rival phone makers know exactly when to bring out their phones to ensure they’ve got the longest window possible to hoover up sales before the next iPhone lands. The set-in-stone refresh date also means that manufacturers are easily able to avoid a launch date that puts their wares in a head to head run off with a new iPhone.
By playing silly buggers with its schedules, Apple eliminates that advantage at a stroke. And a welcome side-effect is that it then also scoops up more column inches as pundits queue up to speculate what Cupertino might have up its sleeve this time around.
9 Apple is waiting to see how NFC goes down
iPhone NFC
This one stems from a report in the Independent back in March, wherein it was claimed that Apple isn’t looking to match the NFC smarts of a slew of phones powered by Android 2.3 any time soon. The reasoning is apparently that its waiting to see if smartphone digital wallets actually work before deciding to make its move.
Given Apple’s M.O of turning up late to the party and doing something better than anyone else, we see why this rumour got some traction. But we still can’t see it being a compelling enough reason to delay the iPhone 5 given that it’s pretty apparent to anyone that NFC payments are still likely to be the preserve of early adopters and geeks for a while yet.
10 Erm..what delay?
At no time did Apple ever announce that iPhone 5 would land in June. So strictly speaking, there was no delay. That’s what the tech types would say anyway, and we can kinda see where they’re coming from.
But let’s not play games with semantics. Lots of people were expecting to be able to upgrade in a few months time and will be desperately disappointed that's now not an option. Try telling them there’s no delay and see where that gets you.
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