Thursday, June 23, 2011

ICANN opens the door for the registration of new domain names on the Internet

The Organization of "ICANN" name bands on the Internet for its new expansion drive in the names and number of bands used on the Internet, which is the biggest change to the Internet's addressing system since its inception in 1984.

Under the guidelines announced by the company yesterday, will allow the use of ranges reflect more about their products and in the language they want. Where it can be used within Apple. Ipad may use groups concerned with the preservation of the environment domain. Eco and other ranges.

Said Peter Degnat, Chairman of ICANN, this decision is the beginning of a new phase of the Internet, pointing out that the cost of fees and access to these ranges of up to $ 185,000 in addition to $ 25,000 annually as a subscription to maintain the range. He added that the expansion plan, which appears in a folder consisting of 350 pages for six years need to be developed.

ICANN will begin receiving applications for new ranges from January 2012 to be approved within a few months if not encountered any problems with the brand or ethical issues. Expansion plan and gives bands a great opportunity for companies to promote their brands as well as to strengthen the presence of all types of communities and groups specialized on the Internet.

The big companies have already started planning for the new ranges, with plans for the manufacture of Canon cameras to get a domain. Canon can also be for Apple to get bands like. Apple or. Ipad or so. Iphone.

Mentioned that it was supposed to ICANN broadbanding a long time ago, but this delay was due to some concerns of violations of certain trademarks, this expansion platform for obscene or groups to stir up hatred, which prompted the organization to take some action gives the right of any person or the object to the trademark or for other reasons.

It should be noted that there are nearly 300 names of the bands is now available, but the most commonly used and are only known of 22 Scope. Com and. Net


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