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Googles New algorithm Hummingbird For Web Sites - SEO - EXPERTS

Googles New algorithm Hummingbird For Web Sites - SEO EXPERTS


Hummingbird is the largest of the Google algorithm 12 years ago

Why was the name "Hummingbird" This algorithm?

Google, according to sources, that the label came because this bird "fast and accurate."

When Google began working on the Hummingbird:

The Google has enabled this algorithm almost a month ago, Google has announced this update on: 09/26/2013

Are Google has stopped work on the algorithm "PR":

In short, the order of pages in other words, PR is one of the most important 200 workers involved in "combination" algorithm, a hummingbird seen in the order of pages in depth to look for links coming to your site and how important it is to be judged in the order on the basis of which, of course, we should not forget that the rest of the factors that would also make a difference in the search order. You can preview the table of SEO factors influencing the search.


What does it mean to use Hummingbird algorithm of Google now:

Suppose you own a car in 1980, the car engine still works well but with the frequent use of the commencement of this engine run Oil and began some of the problems appear, so I bring a new engine and put it in the car to operate more efficiently, this is what was done by Google in this update has Climate research machine and also did so in a cursory manner without to feel a change.

Some miscellaneous new algorithm:

For now may remain there are some who wonder about the nature of the update did not understand the intent of behind Let me explain to you the most, when you ask updates panda, penguin was a filters search engines The new algorithm is an engine full but the old pieces any algorithm pandas and penguins and others are still working and will not stop work out, but the way they operate has become easier and more supple than ever before with a faster processor of the data that the these algorithms liquidation.

Do you think that a hummingbird would have a significant impact on your site's rank in search results? For better or for worse? Please let us know what you think in the comments.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? - SEO - EXPERTS

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? - SEO EXPERTS

what is seo

SEO is the practice of improving and promoting a web site in order to increase the number of visitors the site receives from search engines. There are many aspects to SEO, from the words on your page to the way other sites link to you on the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your site is structured in a way that search engines understand.
Search Engine Optimization isn't just about "engines." It's about making your site better for people too.

and we can be defined as :
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.
As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.
The plural of the abbreviation SEO can also refer to "search engine optimizers," those who provide SEO services.

Expert Search Engine Optimization - SEO - EXPERTS

Expert Search Engine Optimization - SEO EXPERTS

Once upon a time, search engine optimization was almost trivial. If you added a few “meta tags” and optimized a few titles, your site would magically climb up the search engine rankings like a rocket. Unfortunately, those days are a distant memory.


Now, the Web is significantly more saturated with sites that are all fighting to rank for the same keywords, and the emergence of recent search engine updates (e.g., Panda, Penguin, etc.) have made expert search engine optimization techniques a requirement for improving your site’s rankings.

Why is Expert Search Engine Optimization Important?

Unless you’re an SEO junkie, it’s almost impossible to stay current with the latest and greatest techniques for optimizing your site. The search engines literally change their algorithms every single day, and new technologies are being unveiled at a similarly blistering pace.

Staying on top of all these developments requires an incredible level of dedication. It involves constantly poring over hundreds of blogs, attending industry-leading conferences, and performing a never-ending array of experiments to identify what does and does not help improve rankings at any given time. Additionally, only a handful of companies can “win” for a given search query, which makes SEO an incredibly cutthroat industry.

Instead of trying to perform SEO work by yourself, a much easier way to compete in this incredibly dynamic environment is to utilize an expert search engine optimization specialist.

Internet Marketing Consulting

Internet marketing covers all of the activities associated with marketing products and services on the Internet. It is an extremely broad topic that requires expertise in a wide range of areas, including search engine marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

All of these marketing options are great in terms of variety, but they can also be very intimidating for businesses of all sizes. To solve this problem, we offer Internet marketing consulting to help remove these complexities and allow you to focus on your core business.

Comprehensive Internet Marketing Consulting

As the Internet continues to evolve, even more avenues of marketing become available, each with its own unique characteristics and requirements. Without the necessary experience utilizing these marketing channels, you can waste a lot of time and effort, and your competitors can quickly gain the upper hand.

Fortunately, we offer Internet marketing consulting to help you get the most out of your Internet marketing activities.

Whether it’s improving your search engine rankings with organic search engine optimization, maximizing your advertising budget with effective PPC management, or engaging your customers with an innovative social media strategy, Web Gnomes can get you the results that your company deserves.

With our help, you can stop worrying about marketing and start focusing all of your energy on your actual business, which is the way it should be.

Best Basic #SEO Tips - SEO - EXPERTS

Best Basic #SEO Tips - SEO EXPERTS

seo tips

Some basic SEO tips for your web pages and website. I do not really think about these things as SEO advice - rather I would call a best website for any page practical guide to building - however, following this guide, I'm sure it will improve your locations likely to be fully and properly indexed in search engines.

Page Rank

You will not know if your SEO efforts are working unless you monitor your search rankings. MarketingVox suggest you keep an eye on your page rank with tools like Alexa and Google Toolbar.

It is also important to regularly check your registry to track where visitors come from and the search terms they use to find your site, according to PC World.


You should be aware of the placement of right keywords in every aspect of your site: your titles, content, URLs, and image names. Think about your keywords as search terms - how anyone could find information on this topic search for it?

The title tag and page header are the two most important issues put keywords, PC World notes.

WARNING: Putting ridiculous amounts of keywords on your site will be labeled as a spammer, and search engines are programmed to ignore sites guilty "keyword stuffing." Be strategic in the use of keywords.

Back Links

There is probably no more basic SEO strategy that the integration of internal links on your website - it is an easy way to increase traffic to individual pages, SEO Consult says.

You must standard link to your files frequently to create new content. MarketingVox reports which also makes the search engine friendly anchor text: "The most relevant words point to a page, it is likely that the page appears in search results when users run a query with these terms . "

As with all other methods of SEO, make sure that your links are appropriate, and make sure not to cross the line into excessive linking - you do not want to annoy your visitors.


Adding a site map - a page listing links to all other pages on your website - it is easier for the spiders to find your site.
"The fewer clicks necessary to get to a page of your site, the better" recommends MarketingVox.

URL Frindly

Make your URLs more search engine friendly name with clear words.

SEO Consult explains: "For example, it is easy to understand

Don't Use Flash

Flash can be nice, but it does nothing for your SEO. According to the Search Engine Journal, "Frames, Flash and AJAX all share a common problem - you can not create a link to a page ... I do not use frames at all and use Flash and AJAX sparingly for best SEO results. "

"If you must have your main page, a home page that is all Flash or one big image, place text and navigation links below the fold," the message continues.

Alt Image

Spiders can only search text, not the text in the image - this is why you need to make the words associated with images as descriptive as possible.

Start with your image names: adding a label "ALT" allows you to include a keyword rich description for each image on your site. Perfect Optimization explains an easy way to do this.

The visible text around images is useful for SEO: MarketPosition suggests adding captions to all your pictures and being descriptive with the text in immediate physical proximity to images.


Your content should be fresh - updating regularly and often is crucial for increasing traffic.

"The best sites for users, and therefore the search engines are so often full of information and useful update on a service, a product, a specific topic or discipline," says MarketingVox.

One way to ensure that your site gets new content on a frequent basis is the integration of a blog. "Get the owner or CEO blogging. Priceless!" suggests the Search Engine Journal. An executive blog is an excellent way to reach their customers, create more opportunities for internal and external links, while giving your site a more personal voice.

Make sure you are connecting to social Media

when creating profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc., be sure to include the link to your site. You'll be surprised how many people either overlook this or simply forget to do so (for example, if in a hurry). Although you can not get a lot of links referencing their own social profiles value can be picked up elsewhere (eg, being in Twitter directories generally spend more SEO value to be on Twitter itself).

Link to Other Sites

An easy way to generate more traffic to your site is by developing relationships with other sites.

PC World suggests that you personally ask the webmasters of sites respected if they will include a link to your site on theirs. Be sure to return the favor - then everybody wins!

Make sure your partner has a good reputation on the web, of course. MarketingVox warns against being tied to a "link farm" whose bad SEO habits could bring you down.

Mobile Optimized

Mobile use is growing exponentially so now is the time to get ahead in the game.

Always keep in mind that SEO is not only a process to ensure that the search engines are happy, it is a process to ensure that you provide the best service to its customers.

seo table


  • The top of the page

The top of the HTML part of the "code" is more likely to write if you are interested in getting a good position in search engines . I 'll break the four most important factors and hopefully describe it in a way that helps .

1. Title Meta Tag

The title tag is shown as the owner of Search Engine Result Pages . The title tag should be easy to read and contain your main keyword to the beginning of the label . Do not put your company name first , unless large company like Amazon or Ebay. People are more inclined to search for products or services , not your name. I think it is a good idea to take advantage of important words on the label too .

The securities must be five to ten words long and no more than 70-80 characters.

2. Meta Description Tag

The description tag is the element is displayed in search engine results pages . Your description tag should be designed designed to attract customers and should compel the reader to act now and follow your link. If it is not included in the description tag , search engines often display the first text on the page ( which may not be the best option ) . When writing your description, you should approach it as an appropriate sentence and follow the grammar and use of punctuation . It is also a good idea to try to understand the theme and geographical references to where you are, as the name of the city.

The description should not exceed 150-200 characters.

3.  Keywords Meta Tag

The importance of meta keywords tag fluctuates between different search engines. Some people deeply involved in the SEO community debate as to whether or not help at all .Usually advise the use of a small number of specific keywords relevant as they can help with sorting through specialized search engines . Just use the "tags" that are directly relevant to the content of that particular page and not too much. Remember this simple rule :

The total of all keywords on a page to add a " value score " of 100. Consequently, each word is used in a far percentage of this value.

For example , if you use 5 keywords that will each have a value of 1:5 (or 20 /100) annd if you have 10 keywords , which each have a value of 1:10 ( or 10/ 100) which means you won 't have the best value using fewer keywords .

4. Check the label

Although there is an element of search engine optimization , the label "revisit" can help a search robot to return in two days to re-index the site. This can be very important for your website to update your information and you try to get the latest content from the index.

5. Robots

The robots tag was created to provide developers with a way to keep the index pages of the search engines can not download or order the robots.txt file on their Web sites. The robots tag which can contain one or more of the following words , without regard to the case no, noindex , nofollow , all, index and follow. Here is a breakdown of these words :

  • No - skip this page (equivalent to : noindex , nofollow )
  • noindex - page can not be indexed
  • nofollow - do not follow the links on this page
  • everyone - no restrictions ( equivalent to: index, follow )
  • index - includes this page
  • follow - follow the links on this page to find other pages
You can also specify actions specific robots like GoogleBot , for example. This can be useful if you find that you are often explored by robots offer no value to your site , and you want to limit to only Googlebot and MSNbot example .

A new word has appeared NOODP . This is the description on the pages of search engine and DMOZ. Some search engines will be the description of your site in DMOZ on their own description tags . Use this tag if you do not want that to happen .

6. CSS and JavaScript in external files

For search engines, excessive or poorly formatted in the top of the page code will have a negative impact on your rankings . Including CSS and JavaScript in external files , increase the amount of text that a search engine can read on your page.

If you have a lot of inline JavaScript / CSS code, the text content will be affected and can not be read correctly by the search engines.

So what is an example of a head ?
Here is an example of a header made ​​three "keywords " services lawn mowing , pruning, garden maintenance

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en">
<title>Lawn Mowing, Tree Lopping and Garden Maintainence Services in Sydney : The Lawm Man</title>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
<meta http-equiv="Content-language" content="en" />
<meta name="Keywords" content="Lawn Mowing, Tree Lopping, Garden Maintenance Services, The Lawn Man, Sydney">
<meta name="Description" content="The Lawn Man - Sydney based lawn mowing service with over 10+ yrs experience in garden maintenance. Whether you need lawns mowed or trees lopped, The Lawn Man is for you."> <meta name="robots" content="index, follow, noodp">
<meta name="GOOGLEBOT" content="index, follow">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/includes/style.css" type="text/css" media="all" /> </head>
source 1 2
image source 

(SIX) 6 Deception Operations Carried Out By SEO Companies You Must Caution Them - SEO - EXPERTS

(SIX) 6 Deception Operations Carried Out By SEO Companies You Must Caution Them - SEO - EXPERTS

SEO experts, Have you ever met with people who call themselves experts SEO, and they tell you that they guarantee you and your company's success in the competitive local and global through the application of specific policies on your site to comply with the search engines, in fact,SEO experts there are hundreds of these people the truth about the world, but in many often they can be guaranteed is really a collection of a lot of money from you and give you just a little .

Before contracting with any SEO experts in optimizing your site for search engines, you need to be warned in a number of things and addresses deployed on the Web these days. 


Title I: high-quality services at a Free by SEO experts!

In such tough economic times, do you really believe anyone who tells you that it provides professional services and cost - free ! ! You seem incredible , is not it ? Yes, it's incredible . There SEO experts can be special discounts once from time to time or reduced price or maybe one offering the service for free along with other services high price, but the entire free services are just a scam uncertain. Who claims he does this service to you free of charge that they are not only trying to get to your information and other details and there is no benefit to you at all. 

Title II : I guarantee you the first page of Google !

No one can guarantee that , Alexa in the search results the first depends on many factors that no one can be guaranteed never the reason is simple it is constantly changing , and ranking on the first page need to rate visits high and there is no one in the world you are guaranteed visits to come to your site, simply that SEO experts can improve the appearance of your site in search engines relatively or improve the appearance of your site to attract a way that attracts visitors but hears not who you are guaranteed first page of a search engine. 

Title III : We register your site in hundreds of search engines ! 

Once again we see the allegations absurd from SEO experts, one of the first steps to the Sioux invited to tell you that they will register your site in more than a hundred to increase search engine archiving ! ! Question here is , is there really 100 active search engine and is used daily ? Certainly the answer negative we all know that the number of search engines used no more than 4 drives global search and you do not need to register more than 2 to 4 of these engines , if you do not seek behind the allegations and figures are not meaningful and make sure you always offers before you.

Title IV : We have good relations with the people working inside Google will help you

You say for sure is that this company does not only offer services scam, do not think of start dealing with a company claim to have a connection to an employees Google and that this employee will help raise your site's ranking in Google search engine, simply in search giant Google does not have any ( mediations ) in order searches Anyone who tells you that he is trying to cheat without the slightest doubt. You focus here and deportation on this company immediately not on SEO experts. 

Title V : SEO experts Claims We are experts in Google algorithms 

Google algorithms are one of the most complex things and also difficult to understand. When it comes to algorithms used for the purposes of improving the search engines It 's complicated , but is also very dynamic in nature and keep on changing from time to time. It is good to know a lot about certain parts of it , but it is quite impossible to be an expert of the whole thing . If someone claims to this, he was simply trying to fool you . 

Title VI : We have a secret list entitle us success in the field of search engine optimization 

The Sioux in the field there is not any secret order , the use of these words can be divided into two parts 
Subject or the methods used are the Black Hat and inappropriate and show your direct ban 
,Just trying to draw attention to the service. 

All you have to do is to work in earnest to improve your site and follow the best practices that are brought to you by Google and stay on the sidelines of the ways that ousted site . There is no secret subject. 


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