Sunday, February 19, 2012

Amazon is preparing to Kindle Fire 2 and probably with largest screen

The overwhelming success of Kindle Fire in the market tab due mainly to its low price and that destroyed the competitors are large, and we saw how the stepped up in order of market tab to second, ahead of Samsung and causing a significant change in the share of iPad in the market, and because of these successes, rumors come to us from China says that the company intends to provide a tablet is greater than the previous tab, which is 7 inches, named Kindle Fire 2.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Group "Anonymous" threatens to launch attacks

Team reported pirates famous "Anonymous" in a message on the site that the group is planning to launch the so-called "denial of service attack distributor" DDoS the servers, "said DNS." Home of the Internet, using a tool designed specifically adopt the principle of the DNS Amplification DDoS allows extended attacks.

Apple Announces system OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Apple has released the Mountain Lion, a modern version of the Mac system, where the new system is characterized by many features of the most prominent of better support for Apple's cloud service Lalai Claude.

One advantage of the new system to provide reminders or Reminders application for Mac system note that it is available in the system ios, as has been the application of the provision of Walnut and available already in the system ios.

He said the new system and messaging service that offers the possibility of sending messages directly between the system Mac and iPhone, iPad system ios where you can also send video and images, as was to provide a system the Arcade, as well as providing system alerts in the system such as is available in the system of ios.

Detection system for partners Mozilla for mobile

Will be prepared by the Mozilla Corporation producing the famous Firefox browser for the detection of partners operating system phones Boot to Gecko and during the conference of Barcelona
 MWC 2012.

The Mozilla has announced a project called

New updates on YouTube to fit the Google TV

Google has launched a range of new updates on its famous "YouTube" will enhance integration with Google TV.

Has revealed the updated Discover, which allows users to navigate the site by categories and easy searching, and added the ability to see including watching videos related to the user of the same owner of the channel you are viewing them, and through the Google TV buttons.
 It can now add comments on the video and impressive work very easily.

Google launches its new service "Google TV"

  The company launched the American giant and owner of the most powerful search engine on the Internet, "Google" smart TV as a new service that combines web browsing and watching regular TV channels.

The company seeks to transfer this service to television screens computer giant to


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