Friday, June 10, 2011

iOS 5: do not expect much here

It became boring to talk about the advantages of the system iOS like we never seen before in a place, and the fifth edition of the rules, which disclosed yesterday are not considered a leap revolutionary but merely the development of the above and add to things unexpected and you the most important tower will, in my view.

The new system alerts and integration with the 
Former system was iOS shows all the alerts on the form of letters Tqatek and you've got the phone, but Apple has replaced Mtan alerts drop-down list appears over the top bar to pull down, something that we saw earlier in the Android and not new to us.

The system has become integrated with Twitter so that it is also possible to spread the message to twitter from anywhere on the system or device iPhone Alaibad without the need to move to twitter application for it.


Although we are still suffering from damage to the bow continued to the owners of BlackBerry but that other people will join the list of "curves", Programme iMessage is an alternative to Messenger BlackBerry for the iPhone, which will allow you to communicate with your friends (who have the iPhone) and exchange conversations and jokes (and false news) and the establishment of groups and so on.

Updates over the air

Feature, which was launched by Apple is a PC Free updates through the air, and this means you will not need to link the iPhone Boitonz in order to update, but you will be updated via Wi-Fi directly without the need to wire.

Perhaps this was the most important features that came in the new version of iOS 5, which will be available for devices iPhone Fmavouk 3GS, and the rest of the changes related to e-mail program or a program to capture the images are beautiful additions but nothing revolutionary here.


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