Thursday, June 23, 2011

Google news about the intention of launching a social network the name Photovine

Some reports have indicated that the search giant Google has registered a new brand called it Photovine as well as the purchase of the scope of

It was reported that this scale is monitored and protected by the Foundation Mark Monitor for the protection of trademarks used by Google in many of their ranges, including the domain itself.

And Google began preparing to enter again into the world of social networks, but this time it will launch a social network list is mainly to exchange and share photos, according to some sources on the Internet.

According to Google in a trademark registration that Photovine service is a telecommunications services of the type of social networks that will work on the transfer and exchange of visual images and data across networks, telecommunications networks, the Internet and information services and data networks. Google also noted that this service within the services and software is downloadable.

It should be noted that Google already owns a service Picasa Picasa photo-sharing, which is likely to Photovine new service will focus more on photo-sharing service for mobile phones with a similar service Instagram famous.

So far Google has not suspended or announce any details of its new service. If ratified these expectations, will serve Photovine Google in direct confrontation with the famous social networking site Facebook, who is currently working on developing its own application for the exchange and sharing photos.

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