Sunday, June 19, 2011

Samsung NX11 put the new camera

Today announced that Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of new compact cameras NX11. This camera is an upgraded version of her sister NX10, and enjoy the i-function lens size 18-55 mm, in addition to the two lenses i-function fully to new Pancake lens Small and light measuring 20 mm zoom lens and the other measuring 20-55 mm silver color.

The lens offers i-function easy to take pictures of all users through the provision of a method to control the camera more easily. Users are often put their hands on the lens when carrying the camera, therefore, the system of the new i-Function gives the photographer the possibility of using the left hand to change the settings with ease through the lens of a button Built-in i-Function without having to remove the camera from the scene target. Users can also change the speed of closure and aperture settings, EV, WB and ISO quickly and easily using the button and the circle in the lens of the built-i-Function, which means the ease and speed of preparation during the filming.

The design focuses NX11 also on ease of use through an amendment in the grip of the camera to provide easier and more convenient for users when capturing images. Furthermore, it has a camera lens, the key to choosing a style, which facilitates the process of selecting the best pattern for each lens. It also has camera easily one-touch of the button the built-in lens i-Function to control the functions of imaging different such as controlling a degree slot of light in the camera, and the speed of the shutter, as well as control at ISO and white balance of the image, which means the ease and speed of preparation during the filming. The camera helps photographers to take stunning pictures of landscapes or large group of people through the panoramic style feature, which enables the user to capture panoramic push of a button and the movement of a single integrated. As is the case in the NX10, come camera NX11 with the best sensor APS-C-in-class to get the highest possible quality of images, which has a sensor APS-C size larger than the sensor, Micro 4 / 3, which helps to easily capture more quality and purity.

In addition to the flash and slot vision of e-VGA (640X480) Almadmjtin in the camera, with cameras NX11 screen AMOLED LCD 3-inch, which works to reduce the bright sunlight and provide better vision for users under any lighting conditions, including sunlight. The user can also acquire images more vibrant and visible through the color enhancement technology. The camera provides NX11 also have access to high-quality video clips over the ability of record in High Definition resolution 720 pixels, and allows APS-C sensor, a large possibility to record video clips at close range, and promotion of sound effect movies.


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