Sunday, June 19, 2011

Privacy groups refuse to recognize faces technique on Facebook

Administration seems to be site Facebook were not expecting great controversy surrounding the use of technology to recognize faces in property Tag Suggestions beginning of last week, where the four organizations defending the privacy of users, led by the Center for EPIC to protect the privacy of electronic editing an official complaint against Facebook to the Federal Trade in the United States.
Included a complaint accusing Facebook that the use of technology recognize faces that will contribute to the establishment of a system to distinguish the images under the control of the Logo only, which is what you see groups of privacy in violation of the policy of protection of privacy on Facebook and also violates many of the assertions made by the management of the largest social network in the world to its users, it which lays the foundations for the emergence of deceptive practices, unfair, affecting the normal user in the base and violated his right to privacy, which claims ratified by the other three groups that filed a complaint with the EPIC; Center for Digital Democracy, and Consumer Watchdog, and the Privacy Right Clearinghouse.
Did not stop fears groups to protect privacy at this point, which included a complaint of fear of the possibility that repressive governments such as China and Iran to exploit these advanced systems to distinguish human faces to work to undermine the freedom and privacy of users, and the fears long and the Department of Homeland Security U.S., which accuses the report, according to documents possession Center EPIC, it is seeking to deploy technology recognize faces to aid in their security tasks, which creates mechanisms for additional government from which to monitor individuals in public areas, while the charge is also to Facebook facilitating access U.S. government information that you want the participants in the network in the larger social world.
The response of the accused parties rapidly, rejected the Department of Homeland Security U.S. accusations, in the words of spokeswoman for "Amy Kuada", noting that it charges completely false and not based on any grounds or evidence, noting at the same time that the ministry does not embrace that kind of programs or techniques that I talked about the complaint; while came the defense Facebook multi-axes and on the tongue of the Spokesman, "Andrew Noyes," where he explained that the property you are using advanced software to recognize faces in a particular case is when the user develop new photos on the web, all provided by property is merely suggestions for names Ctosifat can use those images.
And ensure the defense of Facebook also refer to the user's freedom fully in dealing with proposals of their acceptance in whole or in part or completely ignored, or even stop the work of property Tag Suggestions, that have emerged since December and used by millions of users throughout those months that have not been well received any complaints about them, according the "noise", which also pointed at the conclusion of his speech to TechNewsWorld that the site charges a violation of privacy that is currently surrounding Facebook is not a reason for the low participation rate of new users from the United States.


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