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5 smart ways to get on the job through the use of social networking

Dan Schauble, author of Me 2.0 and founder of the agency Millennial Branding the means of social communication have facilitated the process of finding work and communicate with people who can help you find job opportunities, where still many job seekers use the methods of traditional research, which does not lead to satisfactory results. Schauble and transfer to the New York Post carried a report about a woman who made more than a thousand Todev request through 99 weeks. According to the author of the book, there is one out of every three job seekers almost remained unemployed for more than a year, where researchers give up work after five months.

Should not be to end up like those people. It is through your knowledge of yourself and what you different in the labor market and through the establishment of self-ranking on the Internet you can compete in the new labor market. Once you build your own website and set up personal pages on social networking sites, you are ready to take advantage of your relationships and your talents together to get the dream job is not just a job opportunity is enough to cover your expenses personal. The number of companies that hire through the means of social networking on the rise, the proportion of users of social networking to get jobs and 40% according to the work site free

The first way: take advantage of the planned network of relationships on the Social Graph social networking sites
Usually people get jobs through other people and not by computers. So you multiply opportunities to work in the case of personal relationships within the company you are applying to work there. But will not Ihalvk a lot of luck thrown to them if your resume only. Ten years ago it was to require you to exert much effort to ask friends who know and remember where you work all your friends. Now single click on a chart your social network Social Graph you can get all the required information very easily. This is for those who are looking for a job means to identify people working in companies that interest you. For companies, it means double the job interviews rather than make phone calls routine. The Internet is your laboratory research. Here are some sites that will help you in your search for job opportunities through planned relationships on social networking:

Site you can access to hiring managers through close relationships. Having created your own page on the site, you must download your e-mail full information to be no basis can be built upon. And then search for a company or position, and pressing the search results by identifying the site to see from across the network can introduce you to one of the immediate hiring managers. The site LinkedIn force us all to conduct further research about the employees and companies before interviews.

Think of this site such as the employment relationships on a chart on the social networking. This site reaches between the total database employment and the outline of network relationships on Facebook to show you any people in your network can connect you the opportunity to employ certain.
This site is very similar to the previous site but it is used to plan your social network Facebook. The primary difference between it and the previous site that you can access it via your personal page on Facebook also gives you a more professional identity. This site takes its importance from the capital investment of $ 18 million, and through the menus and functions to contain 3 million job listings and training totaling 200,000. You can, as in the case of LinkedIn recommendations Get recommendations on your page, and you can also get badges badges as in Foursquare.

The second method: Use technology augmented reality Augmented Reality applications and job search
People started using mobile applications to search and apply for job opportunities near them with a few touches on the phones the iPhone and Android. LinkUp site has announced that 20% of job seekers who use smartphones in their research. The technology actually enhanced erase the difference between what is realistic and what has created Kmpiotraa through the promotion of what is his vision or hearing or smell or touch it. To acquire from the iPhone download the application "Layar" and then press the button "Layars" and search for "JobAmp Mobile" and will then be able to see all companies close to its current location and where the vacant positions. Schauble and adds: In 2009 published a list of the best iPhone applications to search for jobs, and found a number of other good applications that may help in the search, including:

CareerBliss (Free): This application contains a review of the companies and information about salaries and the list of jobs has nearly three million job.
Good Job (at $ 4.99): The Atnzim Your search for jobs by keeping track of jobs from several locations, contacts, appointments and interviews, biographies and more.
Real-Time Jobs (Free): The page file to attach social networking and video clip to the publications of jobs for Twitter.
BusyBee (free) if you are working freely, you can find a job near you.

The third way: Build your own Nfozk on the Internet
In today's world you need to develop Nfozk Profile on the Internet, seems to be when the two candidates for a job are equal on paper, and they possess good communication skills, the difference in the extent of their influence on the Internet. The influence is measured on the Internet through a number of relationships that you own, and who are those people and how their influence and share your content of your website and how many. The site measuring the extent of influence over the Internet and growing popularity among business owners. If the total of your points on that site, that gives a high priority. Aware of companies that have the largest communication networks are more productive and can create new business and employ the talents and market their products better, who lacks a major network.

Fourth way: Use multi-media biography biography instead of paper
Study, told OfficeTeam that 36% of companies believe that the CVs of paper may be replaced by pages of personal social networking sites and business, where the number of people who are using innovative ways to promote themselves on the Internet Some people use the video pages and Facebook dedicated and codes says the owners "do Ptozifa "and presentations on SlideShare. These promotional tactics can be effective has been the person to receive media attention, which could lead to some offers of employment. These are some useful sites in this area: Upload your presentation on this site, and its promotion through your website or your networks.
QR codes: code involved rapid response (quick response (QR on your social network.
Viral videos: Create your own video clip and use YouTube to promote it. You can also create video biography video to highlight your personality and your skills to employers.
You can also build your own website your full name.

Method Five: Convert yourself into a product advertising
Another way to attract people's attention is turning yourself into a product advertising for companies and individuals who seek to work in their favor. There are four ways to do this via: Facebook social ads, and Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads ads as well as blogs.

For example, the Alec Brouanstin in 2010 to transfer the same boiling product advertising by targeting executives in the companies wanted to work with, and so got the hiring interviews, while the executives of those searches in Gogol. So you have to produce a product ad draws attention, and make sure that the links it to the main site or mail your page personal LinkedIn. It should also be advertising your product carefully and include your experience clearly.


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