Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nokia plans to launch smart phone N9, operating system, Windows Phone within 6 months

Announced Stwiwen Ailub CEO of Nokia during the Nokia Telecommunications, which was held in Singapore that the company will begin in the launch of Windows machines von beginning of this year, and pointed out that the company adopts a new strategy for the new version of the Windows operating system iPhone and wait for the results.

The Ailub it will provide the devices with the new version of the operating system from next month, while users will be able devices with Symbian operating system to add the new operating system, starting from August / August next year. He added that the company plans to launch 10 new devices running Symbian over the next year, with plans to provide support and update the system until 2016.

For its part, said Mary McDowell, who heads the unity of basic phone for Nokia C2-03, which can work through three segments of SIM where the phone has a slider that works-touch, on a single chip inside the device and the slot on the side of the device enables you to add additional cards, as well as It is the first phone that brings the capacity planning and mapping of the Series, 40.

On the other hand, has announced its new Nokia N9, which is running MeeGo, Marko Ahtisaari, said Vice President of Nokia's design that the company wanted to through the N9 to design a better way to use mobile phones.

It is through the curved design of the screen the user can use and carry the device with one hand very easily. Users can also simply moving between the window and notices the start screen and the window for the applications currently open. The device can be running applications QT environment that is providing more than 100 million devices by.

For photography enthusiasts, N9 offers the possibility of capturing high-quality video through the camera at a resolution 8 mega pixel camera that can capture high quality images even in dim conditions added. The phone comes in three main colors are blue and black and purple.

The body of the phone is made of one piece of polycarbonate is the material which, according to the company provides the best antenna for mobile phones. In addition, the provider Valhatf NFC technology, which allows the possibility of Tsoaj and create a connection between the phone and the speakers and amplifiers that support the Bluetooth device by touching any of these accessories.

The Ailub that it is scheduled to be launched N9 smart phone later this year, but have yet to be announced price of the device and its details.

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