Thursday, June 23, 2011

Samsung launches smartphone GALAXY S II

Based system, Android 2.3 Gingerbread
Announced yesterday that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in the field of mobile devices, announced the launch of the revolutionary smart phone GALAXY S II. And enjoy this upcoming smartphone speed and the ability to provide unrivaled performance on the go. The event is amazing, which is held in the Galleria Mall of the Emirates from June 22 to June 25, to give consumers the opportunity to interact with the product and get acquainted with the special experience offered by this smart phone.

In light of the tremendous success of the Samsung GALAXY S I, the phone GALAXY S II is a natural evolution and the stronger, which allows users to design their own smart. This and the new phone system, Android ™ 2.3 Gingerbread, which represents the latest version of the fastest growing operating system for mobile phones growing in the world.

On this occasion, said Ashraf Fawakherji, Director General of the Telecom Group at Samsung Gulf Electronics said: "The phone Galaxy S II new smart as a revolutionary reinforce Samsung's commitment to innovation and technical excellence. Through a combination of elegant design and superior performance and advanced applications, this new device provides exceptional experiences of intelligent and integrated to enrich people's lives. The aim of the launch of this phone superior to strengthen the top of the new Samsung smartphones within the sector. "

Superior performance
Includes Samsung Galaxy S II Intelligent dual-core processor applications and network HSPA + 21 for advanced wireless communication, which has the force and speed to deliver unrivaled performance on the go. The wizard provides viewed quickly to the Internet and the ability to do multiple tasks in an environment similar to a personal computer and the amazing quality of graphics and interface are compatible with the use of three-dimensional. The wizard also provides download speeds while on the move, while reducing feature BlueTooth ® 3.0 + HS from the time of data transmission significantly. The technology allows WiFi Direct to consumers direct access to the wireless computers and printers without the need for wireless access points.

The Samsung GALAXY S II has a camera, photography and video resolution 8 megapixels and the ability of the operation and restart the pattern of high-definition 1080p. However AllShare technology from Samsung, consumers can register the most beautiful moments and sharing over the Internet. To meet the requirements of the market, enjoy the phone GALAXY S II is also the ability to integrate the close-range communication technology Near Field Communication services to support emerging for payment by mobile phone and other services with mobile operators.

New level of viewing experience personal
Is equipped with Samsung GALAXY S II screen Super AMOLED Plus HD Samsung's new, which is more portable visual display at all. The screen Super AMOLED Plus the best in terms of color quality, contrast, brightness unit. Through technology RealStripe and increase the number of sub-pixels, the screen Super AMOLED Plus supplement mechanisms of action of the human eye to identify the images clearer and more detailed than ever before. In addition to this, the new screen with greater efficiency in energy consumption of their counterparts of the same size.

Samsung GALAXY S II while on the move
Samsung also introduced a range of mobile solutions for companies, and strengthened the capacity of Samsung GALAXY S-to-business. New Valhatf allows customers to have access to flexible and mobile communication at work. Samsung has collaborated with industry leaders to provide solutions best suited to companies through Samsung GALAXY S II, which pay particular attention to data and network security. These include solutions for enhanced services from Cisco to communicate and hold meetings remotely, and more comprehensive applications of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and device lock management technology distance from Sybase.

A new world of entertainment and intelligent interaction

Chose the Samsung phone GALAXY S II Kmenottagha main mobile services, which will launch pads from which Samsung Samsung Hubs, which is integrated in mobile applications and designed to meet the requirements of all aspects of life. These include social platforms on the podium and Social Hub Premium Readers Readers Hub platform and platform games Game Hub platform and music Music Hub. The Samsung platforms a wide variety of information, entertainment and social networking, games, and others.

Effective efficiency in device manager
Samsung has also launched the application Kies Air, which allows consumers to manage your content Bhattvhm smartphone via wireless connection to computers, to be able to download the images that were captured from the camera equipped with the device, and listen to music clips, check missed calls, and send messages from a web browser from through computers. The event also saw the launch of a new generation of tablet devices GALAXY 10.1 and 8.9, which is currently the most among the thinnest devices available in the tablet market. Thanks to the TouchWiz user interface running working "Android 3.1" (Honeycomb), GALAXY tablet devices with 10.1 and 8.9 navigation system is strong and perfect interaction with the user.

And supports tablet devices GALAXY Network HSPA + speeds of up to 21 Mbps and Bluetooth ® technology and wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n to provide download speeds of high mobility and reduce the time of data transfer. Furthermore, the devices include GALAXY tablet dual-core processor applications speeds of 1 GHz to provide an amazing experience for Internet browsing and multimedia.
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