Thursday, June 23, 2011

LG launches three-dimensional cinema screens new

LG Electronics announced recently the launch of two types of three-dimensional cinema screens (D41P and D42P) supported technology FPR Film Patterned Retarder new in the world that offer images brighter and more vibrant, and free of vibration for a comfortable viewing experience and distinct.

To provide a comfortable viewing experience and fun, had a LG TV Film Award on three-dimensional "free vibration" of the most important and two specialized agencies in this area are (Intertek and TÜV). Thus, this reduces the TV's unique image over the concussion, which is one of the other factors that affect the health of viewers as feeling dizzy and nausea after the completion of the viewing, allowing them now to see the longer and more pleasure.

Thanks to the FPR technique which provides comfortable viewing to the fullest as it provides three-dimensional image clarity and high brightness, which allows viewers to enjoy the exceptional Ptrfait home longer and more comfortably. Compared with conventional glasses, glasses are characterized by LG as a mild and free of wires and circuitry, as they do not contain batteries, there is no need to be shipped or bothering the cost of replacing defective batteries.

LG displays are three-dimensional film as a flexible and compatible with all graphic cards and operating systems, personal computers. It also supports HDMI 1.4 technology to link the plains and up the other three-dimensional equipment, which facilitates the process of three-dimensional view the content without the need for a PC. The property transfer content to the normal two-and three-dimensional, high-level quality that is available in this type of display highlight it and make it competitive at the top of the screens in the world.

A study conducted by TNS Research in five different international markets to 77 per cent of the category selected for the study of the screens have preferred three-dimensional technology, FPR, which provides views of high quality, comfort and endless glasses are light and comfortable. The study included a test for 230 people from customers to see different shots of the three-dimensions using conventional technology and technology Shutter Glass FPR modern three-dimensional.


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